Traditions are a nice thing. They provide us with a certain rhythm in life, make us look forward to what is coming, perpetuate small rituals, acts and behaviours – and yet what we have become accustomed to through repetition gets a little different as time goes by. Which is what makes traditions so pleasant. The art association “KunstHaus Potsdam” has a long-standing tradition: at the beginning of every year, it presents the works of the numerous artists that are its members. And we can also use the term tradition when speaking of this, which is titled Kein Thema (No Topic) for the fifth time. The openness and flexibility that this title suggests has taken on the air of something precious in the coming new year – when a post-Corona era is not yet in sight.

In the run-up to this year’s exhibition, and thus for the fifth time in a row, the KunstHaus’s numerous artist members opened their studio doors to allow the board members and the team to take a look at their current projects and newly completed works. Individually, observing distancing and wearing masks – but otherwise without restrictions – a selection of works was chosen and will be presented in the KunstHaus from 24 January to 28 February. The exhibition brings together a broad spectrum of artistic media, formats, colours, and cosmoses dealing with individual and societal issues.

The opening will have to take place virtually without visitors due to the current lockdown. You can see the exhibition by clicking the link provided, and your access will remain active for 48 hours. During the exhibition, a video documentary by Joachim Wolter as well as a photo documentation by Bernd Hiepe will allow for some digital insights.