Ute Deutz, Ursula Kornfeld, Ulrike Schmelter, Ulrich Werner, Ulrich Baehr, Thomas Gerwin, Theresa Beitl, Susanne Ramolla, Silvia Masur, Silvia Klara Breitwieser, Sabine Hannesen, Robert Gschwantner, Renate Pfrommer, Rainer Gottemeier, Pedra Guiness, Michael M. Heyers, Menno Veldhuis, Matthias Koeppel, Marion Angulanza, Marianne Gielen, Margareta Hesse, Katrin von Lehmann, Katharina Kiesinger-Becker, Jub Mönster, Jan Commandeur, Isabel Glathar, Iris Nienstedt, Ina Lindemann, Ina Abuschenko-Matwejewa, Henriette Simon, Henning Loeschcke, Heidrun Lasch, Hedda-Maria Thimm, Götz Lemberg, Giuliana Del Zanna, Gisela Schattenburg, Gerhard Göschel, Gabriele Zimmermann, Evelyn Sommerhoff, Emily Pütter, Elisabeth Sonneck, Elisabeth Gerke-Puck, Dörte Lützel-Walz, Dorothea Neumann, Doris Schmidt, Daniela Pukropski, Daniela Kwee, Cornelia Hübner-Sawal, Clark Dem’by Yao, Christine Sophie Bloess, Christian Fleming, Charlotte Sonntag, Birgit Ginkel, Birgit Cauer, Bettina Loppe, Bernhard Geiselmann, Barbara Willems, Anna Werkmeister, Anja Isabel Schnapka, Anja Budach, Angelina Streich, Angela Wichmann


Young-Ja Zimmermann, Volker Martin Ledderhos, Verena Schirz-Jahn, Ute Manoloudakis, Ulrike Hogrebe-Nitsche, Ulrike Lösing, Ulf Schüler, Sylvia Seelmann, Sue Hayward, Su Weiss, Stefan Bohnhoff, SOOKI, Simone Kornfeld, Sibylle Wagner, Sabine Schiffer-Nasserie, Rüdiger Gau, Reinhard Haverkamp, Regina Roskoden, Oliver Zabel, Monika Schulz-Fieguth, Monika Denis, Monika Funke Stern, Margret Höper, Maren Krusche, Manfred Kriegelstein, Kerstin Wüstenhöfer-Loges, Juliane von Arnim, Jörn Ranke, Jens Heller, Hubertus von der Goltz, Helga Maria Bonenkamp, Harald Gnade, Hans-Jürgen Diehl, Gudrun Fischer-Bomert, Gabriele Schade-Hasenberg, Frauke Schmidt-Theilig, Frauke Beeck, FRANEK, Elvira Zimmermann, Eleonora Heidler, Dominique Raack, Dagmar Weissinger, Corinne Holthuizen-Habermann, Christoph Müller-Stüler, Christin Kaiser, Christiane Conrad, Brigitta C. Quast, Bettina Albrecht, Bettina Hünicke, Bettina Schilling, Bernd Kuhlmey, Beatrice Falck, Annette Domberger, Anke Doepgen, Anastasia Wiggert, Achim Mogge

Melanie Ebenhoch, Cosima zu Knyphausen, Marlen Letetzki, Katharina Schilling

The Kunstverein KunstHaus Potsdam presents the first solo exhibition by the steel sculptor Robert Schad in Potsdam. Schad rose to prominence with numerous large-sized sculptures in public spaces in Germany, France and Portugal and is today one of the most recognised and successful steel sculptors in international contemporary art. The exhibition Robert Schad: Rigid Dance presents work by the artist from all his current groups of work alongside some that have been produced specially for the exhibition space.

KunstHaus Potsdam is presenting the first individual exhibition by the painter Udo Dziersk in Potsdam and Brandenburg. One of its focal points will be new, large-scale works he has created over the past few years, particularly during the period 2020/2021. Dziersk was born in Gelsenkirchen in 1961 and studied painting as a master-class student under Markus Lüpertz in 1988. Since 2002, he has held a professorship at the distinguished Academy of the Arts in Düsseldorf. He has also taught at the Academy of Fine Arts in Xi’an (China) as a visiting professor since 2017.

Fatma Belkıs & Onur Gökmen, Brenda Akele Jorde, Tiphanie Kim Mall, Mia Sanchez, Stefanie Schwarzwimmer, Hito Steyerl, Ming Wong


Caroline Dlugos, Margareta Hesse, Rosário Rebello de Andrade

Ines Doleschal, Pauline Kraneis, Susanne Piotter

What started out as a utopia is today art history. In 1974 a group of international artists was formed, which provisionally called itself System. As artists, they adopted a stance against the Neo-realism of the post-war era that was dominant in Berlin at the time. Having changed their name to Systhema, the thirteen artists – twelve male and one female – provided, in the midst of the realist tendencies, an “Antwort auf einen Mangel” (response to a shortcoming) (Karl Ruhrberg). Their works demanded a connection to an international art term. In the accompanying catalogue for the exhibition by the Künstlergruppe 1978 in Bern, Ruhrberg continues: “Abstract art, from that which tends towards the systematic/constructive to the technical/kinetic in particular, by no means has it easy in Berlin …”.

POLYGRAPH translated from its Greek root means “writing much” and is the word for a lie detector, a machine that measures different physical reactions in people and records these graphically. Christian Schwarzwald also traces the meanings of handwriting and typeface, leading the onlooker into a walk-in world of images that are based on graphic formulations. In doing so, the proximity and distance that we necessarily need vis-à-vis images and language are explored to find out what we are able to see and understand at all.

raditions are a nice thing. They provide us with a certain rhythm in life, make us look forward to what is coming, perpetuate small rituals, acts and behaviours – and yet what we have become accustomed to through repetition gets a little different as time goes by. Which is what makes traditions so pleasant. The art association “KunstHaus Potsdam” has a long-standing tradition: at the beginning of every year, it presents the works of the numerous artists that are its members. And we can also use the term tradition when speaking of this, which is titled Kein Thema (No Topic) for the fifth time. The openness and flexibility that this title suggests has taken on the air of something precious in the coming new year – when a post-Corona era is not yet in sight.